A Fashionista's Style Guide to Wearing Bracelets ...


A Fashionista's Style Guide to Wearing Bracelets ...
A Fashionista's Style Guide to Wearing Bracelets ...

Wearing a bracelet or sporting a trendy bracelet stack is a great way to accessorize your outfits. With bracelets, many women find it hard to find the right style and fit that complements their style. Coordinating bracelets with other jewelry can also be a challenge at times. We're here to help you navigate some common pitfalls most women face when wearing bracelets. Here's a detailed guide on how to wear bracelets with style and poise.

Shopping for a Bracelet
Buying a bracelet that enhances your style is the key to getting the look right. These are some top things to keep in mind when shopping for bracelets.

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Structure of Your Wrists

A bracelet draws attention to your wrists, so you need a piece that will suit your wrists and skin tone. The general rule of thumb is that delicate silhouettes look best on slender wrists, while larger wrists are better suited to chunkier designs.

The structure of your wrists has an important impact on the size and style of the bracelet you choose, and it's always a good idea to try on the bracelet you've selected to see how it actually looks on the wrist. This will ensure you're buying the right piece that doesn't look over-sized or too tiny for your wrists' shape and size.


Skin Tone

A bracelet will sit right against your skin, and it is, therefore, essential to find a piece that matches your skin tone.

Gold and bronze complement warm skin tones, so if metal bracelets are your thing, we recommend gold and bronze for warmer skin tones. If you're layering metal bracelets with bead, woven, or leather bracelets, opt for colors that match the warm skin tone, including peach, coral, red, burgundy, etc. Not only do these colors pop against warm skin, but they're also a brilliant combination with gold or bronze metal bracelets, helping you create a beautiful layered look that blends well with your skin tone.

Silver bracelets look elegant against cooler skin tones and can be paired with colored bracelets in shades of teal, blue, green, pink, lavender, etc. for a beautifully layered bracelet stack to give your wrist a pop of color.


Right Fit

Any accessory, especially bracelets, must have a comfortable fit, so they don't impede your movement. If the bracelet is too tight, you'll find it very uncomfortable, aside from making your wrists look too large. Conversely, if the bracelet is too loose, it may keep sliding off, and it will be more of an annoyance. Shopping for a bracelet is all about finding a beautiful piece that fits your wrist perfectly.


The Occasion

Accessories and outfits must match the ambiance of the event or occasion. For example, bracelets with dangling trinkets or charms that are noisy may not be suitable for the workplace, considering they may end up distracting you or your co-workers. Workplace accessories must be minimalist and sophisticated to keep the look classy.

You can experiment with bold styles and chunky silhouettes if you're stepping out for a casual outing. A general rule is to stick to delicate and classy bracelets for formal occasions, while opting for colorful and bold styles for casual events.

Bracelet Style Suggestions

Here are tips and hints on pairing bracelet designs with various outfits. Get inspired with these ideas, so you're at your fashionable best.


Workplace Attire

Workplace outfits are subtle and feature formal or semi-formal silhouettes. It's important to complement the understated look of your outfits with minimalist bracelets. A thin bangle or chain in silver or gold is needed to spruce up a formal shirt and skirt.

For a trendier look, opt for an open face bracelet with simple motifs on either end. We also love dainty designs, such as a thin metal chain embellished with a tiny pearl in the center. These are dressier versions of simple bracelet designs that can give you a glam look at work, while staying true to the professional look and feel.


Date Night

Date night is a special occasion. It's your chance to woo and allure your partner. The right outfit and complementing jewelry can make you look and feel as beautiful as ever. Many women love wearing sultry numbers, such as a little black dress on a date night. If that's you, we recommend opting for a statement bracelet in a metallic tone and chunky silhouette.

Metal bracelets with an antique finish pair well with an all-black outfit, be it an LBD or an embellished black jumpsuit. Textured metal bracelets in gold, copper, and silver are also great options to jazz up your looks. A rose gold beaded bracelet accentuated with sparkly diamonds is the best accessory to glam up almost any outfit. Pair it with a blush dress or an LBD for a glitzy appeal.


Special Occasions

A special occasion such as a wedding, a cocktail dinner, or a holiday party means you need to look slightly more glamorous. For a special occasion, you want your jewelry to stand out and contribute to your stylish appeal.

Opt for chunkier pieces such as a thick cuff bracelet with a large gemstone. A bracelet embellished with large-sized pearls is an elegant take on a statement piece. A wrap bracelet adorned with silver petals has an exclusive silhouette with a striking appeal that will add glamour to your looks.

Evening fabrics, such as velvet, satin, and silk, pair beautifully with intricately detailed jewelry pieces and burnished metals. Since most special occasion gowns and dresses feature solid colors, a statement bracelet in silver, gold, copper, or bronze creates a stunning color contrast and is our top pick.


Stacking Bracelets

A top jewelry trend that women are loving is the layered look style. Wearing multiple rings, necklaces, and bracelets have gained immense popularity in recent times and is a trend that’s here to stay. Here are a few tips and pointers on layering bracelets and making this trend work for you.


Start with a Focal Point

When creating a bracelet stack, you want that one stunning piece around which the entire stack will be built. The focal piece could be your favorite bracelet or one that matches your outfit the best. Then, build the stack around this item, adding pieces with colors and textures that bring harmony and beauty to the stacked look.

A bracelet-style watch is a great accessory to use as a base for layering bracelets. It’s functional and helps blend in other bracelets for a balanced look. It’s essential to choose a watch with a decorative touch when creating a bracelet stack. We also love a leather bracelet or a metal cuff bracelet as a base for your stack. A leather bracelet is a great option to create a casual and quirky stack, while a cuff bracelet is great for a modern and elegant style.


Keep It Simple

The key to layering jewelry is to create a stylish look without going overboard. The same applies to stack bracelets. A simple stack with a good mix of colors and textures is all you need to add a glam touch. We love a subtle stack featuring 3-4 pieces with a unifying theme. For example, a stack of delicate bangle-style bracelets in similar metal tones is a great choice. For a pop of color, introduce one bangle bracelet encrusted with colored gemstones or a charm bracelet with dainty and interesting trinkets.


Create a Balanced Stack

A pretty bracelet stack is a blend of various bracelet styles with tons of texture and a pop of color. The key is to attain the perfect balance between simplicity and detail.

A good way is to start with a metallic cuff bracelet, and add in dainty metal bracelets featuring a mix of different metals for a striking stack that pairs well with monochromatic outfits and solid-colored dresses.

Beaded or woven bracelets can be blended with metal bracelets for a pop of color that will elevate casual outfits, such as a plain tee and denim, to a new level of style.


Move Them around

The order in which you stack your bracelets also plays a key role in how the stack eventually shapes up. If you have two or more chunky bracelets, avoid placing them side-by-side. Distributing heavier bracelets at the two ends, with dainty ones in between, will give the stack greater balance.

Another consideration is the types of bracelets put together. Two chain bracelets next to each other may end up getting tangled and turn the entire stack into one giant knotted mess. Separate bracelets that may get tangled to ensure your bracelet stack stays in place. As a general rule, try spreading out bold colors, rich textures, and similar sizes across the stack for a well-balanced look.

In Conclusion

Bracelets are part of every woman’s jewelry collection. Choosing the right bracelets that suit your style is the key to adding glamour to your looks. Exclusive jewelry retailers such as jewelry lab have a fantastic collection of handmade jewelry pieces, including bracelets that will help you create a versatile and fashionable jewelry wardrobe. With our tips on choosing and styling bracelets, you can put together the high-glam look for your next outing.

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