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Evanescence Plays the Greek

By popbytes

good evening! i had to post a little more about last night's evanescence show here in los angeles at the chilly greek theatre - i'd imagine it had to be one of the last shows of the season at that venue - yet it was a gorgeous night out - complete with stars! (overall it was one of those perfect special evenings i won't soon forget for a number of reasons) i'm also very stoked that i can now spell the band's name without having to double check myself - i have such a hangup on certain words - and that was one of 'em! the place was pretty packed and the crowd ranged from a few small children - to people probably around my parents' age which was a bit surprising (i couldn't picture my parents being there but you never know...)

i kind of skipped the opening acts - it was much better to chill outside (literally) while i had a few drinks and watched a few of the crazy people prancing around (there were a few gals all dressed up in evanescence style) it was definitely a different show than i usually go to but that was quite refreshing - especially since i'm on a whole guitar hero kick at the moment - i had my eye on the guitar & bass players a whole lot - the drummer was great too but the star of the evening hands down was lead singer ms. amy lee who really has an incredible voice that held up live just like i expected - she was awesome and totally blew me away! a highlight of the evening was when she sat down at the piano and played good enough solo (check out the video for the track) her voice hushed the crowd - she gave me goosebumps!

i'm convinced she'll need to do a solo album at some point - i think it completely makes sense - if gwen stefani can do it - so can ms. lee! i'm not suggesting for the band to break up but i'd love to hear a solo album from her - i'm seriously keeping my fingers crossed! i can honestly recommend picking up the band's latest album the open door which i've posted about a number of times on here! popbytes over & out for tonight - and many thanks to popbytes' pal kim for helping a blog out - xxoo!

PS there's a small bit of video i shot of one of my favorite tracks call me when you're sober - the audio is actually fairly decent and it'll give you a sense of the overall show!

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