Eco-Poser Anya Hindmarch and Her "I'm Not a Plastic Bag"

Most of you have heard the crazy frenzy involving Anya Hindmarch’s “I’m Not a Plastic Bag”, which is indeed made of cotton. The 5 pound bag (currency, not weight) sold out in the UK within one hour of being released. Then resellers reaped hundreds of dollars of profit via eBay.

Now a U.S. version is coming stateside (pictured). And the wait-listing is set to begin.

So why do I make the bold claim that Anya is an eco-poser? The bags are limited edition, with a 2 tote-per-customer limit. But to use these at groceries, one would need oh say five. When they sold out, what happened? Well, they didn’t immediately continue production, just lived it up from the buzz. When limited edition colours hit stores in outside countries, UK will be stocking more at Sainsburys stores. (So hopefully the correct steps will be set in motion.)

I understand that buzz is very good to make people want to follow this earth-friendly trend, but Hindmarch is 1: just hawking a fashion for fellow faux environmentalists, girls who will do it because it’s trendy, and 2: it’s just plain ironically twisted that these bags can’t serve their intended function, and most people who want one for that function can’t get one. The eBay buyers, by the way, in no way intend their main desire to be to help the Earth. They want a piece of IT, ’cause hey, even at $400 it’s not too-too bad a price to catch a HOT celebrity-toted designer bag. And the ones who sell, are they anti-green and pro the greens (if you know what I mean)? Yes, but who can blame them, when I’m sure 90% of you reading this would sell one if you had two. (more…)

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