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Does Where You Live Dictate Your Style?

By Kimberley

When this week's Grazia magazine floated into the office it created more than just a bit of a stir. Their feature article 'North versus South' asked residents of Liverpool, London, Manchester and Brighton what their style was and if they believed that their part of the country was the most fashionable. And according to their story it seems that where you live really does dictate what you wear.

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Grazia found that...

**If you're from Liverpool... ** Then the look is WAG-inspired. Your style heroines are Coleen McCloughlin and Victoria Beckham and your favourite labels are Chloe, Missoni and Matalan. "My look disco glam. Here in Liverpool everyone seems to want to be just like the WAGs," claims one Liverpoolian.

If you're from London...
Then the look is "Hectic-electic" where there are apparently no rules with Kate Moss, Sienna Miller and Daisy Lowe your style icons. "London style is about being yourself. Northern girls are so glam, so considered," says Fiona Burns a London fashion editor.

If you're from Manchester...
Then the style is "Prom plus one" - quirky, glam, red lipstick. Manchester is supposedly a vintage mecca where stars such as Anna Friel and Sara Cox are held high on a fashion pedestal. "Manchester girls go for an individual look - unlike London style, which can be a bit cloney," says Katie Wright, a Manchester resident.

**If you're from Brighton...**Then your style is "Geek chic" where Ugly Betty is a direct inspiration. "I'm into second-hand chic. Compared to up north, the Brighton look is really edgy," says student, Harriet Cory.

Tell us what you think. Is this really the case or is it generalising?

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