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Db Clay Green Friendly Guy Wallets

By Jennifer

September 26, 2007

db clay Green Friendly Guy Wallets
With everyone thinking green nowadays, its nice to see some green innovative products like the new wallets from db clay out of Portland OR. These biodegradable wallets are made with a synthetic fabric that is similar to a vinyl canvas and have been manufactured with no toxic materials.

There are 4 series (lines) and 12 various designs and colors which range from photo impressions to repeating patterns and are all priced at $48.

The new db clay wallets are available through their exclusive retailer Bergdorf Goodman or through their online store.

Here are 4 examples of each of their series:

Stampage Brown from the Dammasch Series: We made a Brown version of Stampage to compliment the Black. Feel free to wear brown or black or green or purple shoes while carrying this stunning billfold- it doesn’t make a difference as this wallet steals the attention. Wide sheets of black Tope material are silk screened with textured light brown paint & stitched together with matching thread. The exterior showcases our signature Dammasch print & the wallet is constructed with rounded corners & satin nylon lining.

Golden Locks from the Material Series: Yes, we printed hair on a wallet. This brunette is the first piece offered in our up & coming hair collection- blonde, red, black & especially elderly white to follow. Put your comb away & let this beauty fill up your back pocket instead with texture, body & bounce, as it’s sure to be unlike any wallet you’ve ever seen before. Concept inspired by simply, women. Twist, brush & imagine you can run your fingers through it.

Lights of Spain from the Photo Series: Graeme, Diggles & a few other close friends were taking travel in Europe when db clay was just beginning to take shape back in Portland long ago. This image marks an era of our lives when traveling to Spain on a whim was possible & life was seemingly care free. Years later, Graeme still shoots under lights but with a newly hardened grin & a shift in purpose- he maintains a gunslingers regard for global picture farming. His unique image is transferred to the Tope exterior of this wallet & then stitched together with strong thread.

Portland Clashing from the Print Series: If you have never been to Portland, put it on your list. This waterfront cityscape print is made with pale yellow, stale gray & diarrhea brown shapes. Alex Steckly originally painted this image years ago & we scanned in a portion of his painting to produce this wallet. His original painting is long gone (we sold it at a street market back in the day) so fittingly, this wallet represents a city on the move.

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