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This Camera Takes off 10 Pounds

By Designer

Only with HP digital cameras, now photo shooting yourself won’t make you want to do the real thing. Instead of adding 10 pounds (which I swear happens), certain digicams by HP can actually reverse the effect. You don’t have to be a professional photographer, and no—not even a skilled graphic artist, to produce this *wow* effect. (And I can’t even do it that well or easily as a graphic designer, myself!)

It’s not done through a magic setting (like the macro flower or something), but with a quick click of a button as a photo editing feature, which is right on the cam, not on your computer. You really can get the results yourself and no one will have to know.

And the effect is natural too—the minimal setting is subtle, but you can up the drama if you’re really feeling bloated and/or *cranky*.

I really feel like I need this camera! Especially when I take photos with my hands in them for shooting bags or items I made to sell (isolating the body part seems to add 10 lbs only to my fingers and wrist!). But I have a great camera (which is pink!) that already has tons of amazing other features, and I want to keep it. What about you, too?

Well is one of the cameras by HP with this feature selling for a budget price? The cheapest is $179.99, which isn’t bad. Great for a nice camera, but it costs almost as much as my everyday one.

Perhaps the fatties (I say nicely!) of your family and friends can chip in to share one. And you can use it when photographing yourself, and not say your kids, dog, scenery, crafts and purse collection. Hey, that’s an idea.

Or maybe we’ll throw it in our “Sale Stalk” wish list and save up. The holidays are coming soon, it could even be an early gift, before any family photos are taken. Wait - don’t shudder, if you have this cam, you’ll think more along the lines of *shutter*.

Of course, if you’re already in dire need of a new cam, then the HP ones are a great obvious choice, ranging in price and power-punching from the one linked above to the fully-loaded R967 version, still around only $270!

Never be camera shy again!

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