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Dexter Premieres Tonight

By popbytes

oh my gosh it's so early!!! why am i even posting on popbytes?!? well - i did have to make sure you were all aware of the second season premiere of dexter over on showtime tonight - who has been now dubbed 'america's favorite serial killer'! my two pals at work aaron & jenny are total adamant fans of the show - i must agree - the show totally rocks - plus it has garnered heaps of critical acclaim! of course a huge part of that is because of michael c. hall who plays the title character - the most likable serial killer you'll ever see on TV! gosh i loved him playing 'david' on six feet under - i still miss that show so much! i've watched the entire first season of dexter recently - and i've also caught a few episodes from the new season which were quite decent - below is a picture of a huge billboard wrapped around a building on the corner of hollywood & highland - along w/ a few pictures of 'dexter's red fountain' which was set-up this past thursday on hollywood blvd - one of fourteen locations across the US w/ people in lab coats handing out 2nd season preview DVDs & hand sanitizer! right now - i need to get my ass to the airport - i'll check y'all from chicago later this evening - if anyone has suggestions of cool things to do while i'm in the windy city - let me know! much love to all as always - xxoo!

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