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Celebrities Makin' Lunchboxes for Charity

By popbytes

oh good morning everyone! do you remember the day when your parents suggested you stop using a lunchbox and brown paper bag it instead? you were probably devastated just like me - there's something about lunchboxes that made lunch all the more fun while at school - and of course it was always drama figuring out which one you wanted in the beginning of the year when you made that all important school supply shopping spree trek! i might have had a few cool lunchboxes in my time but nothing near as fancy or cool as the ones below - over on - there's a ton of celebrity designed & signed lunchboxes up for bidding to help raise money for two charities food bank for new york city and the lunchbox fund of south africa - below is just a small sampling of the many lunchboxes up on the auction block - i think they're all pretty neat but i'd have to go with the yoko ono one at the bottom - you'd be the coolest kid in class showing up with that! yet you must hurry - the auction closes on december 21st - what a neat idea plus it's all for a really great cause! popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!

for the **2007 lunchbox auction**, 100+ iconic celebrities from the entertainment, fashion, art, music, literary and culinary worlds remind us that food matters by creating personalized lunchbox art for online auction. the auction benefits two hunger-relief organizations - food bank for new york city and the lunchbox fund of south africa. each lunchbox is signed and no two lunchboxes are alike.

hunger is a global problem. whether it is new york city or soweto, south africa, the children of the world are the ones most severely affected. in new york city, approximately 1.3 million people turn to food assistance programs like soup kitchens and food pantries - and one in five of them is a child. south africa, a country that is rich and prosperous, is also a country in which an estimated eighteen million people live without adequate food, water or sanitation. children are often forced to make a decision to learn or to eat.

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