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Cult Camp Classics Galore

By popbytes

hey hey! i hope everyone is enjoying their weekend (the weather was awesome here in los angeles) i slept in this morning which i totally needed to do! i got a few local things done that i had to take care of and then i settled into watching two 'cult camp classics' while relaxing on my couch - the other day i was thrilled when the postman dropped off four DVD sets containing a total of twelve films that have been put in the cult & camp categories! the sets include: sci-fi thrillers, women in peril, terrorized travelers, and historical epics! (they'll be in stores on june 26th - you can pre-order 'em here) of course i ripped right into the women in peril set - watching 1950's caged (about a ladies prison - i watched this in honor of paris hilton) and i also watched trog (which happens to be joan crawford's last film made in 1970 - seven years before her death in 1977 and there were NO wire hangers anywhere in sight!) both were totally campy & hilarious (especially trog - a half ape & half man creature who wreaks havoc - way over the top!) i love watching these types of films plus they're perfect to toss on at a party! i've got a lot more viewing to catch up on tonight & tomorrow - i'm so behind! popbytes over & out for tonight...xxoo!

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