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Afternoon Time Wasters

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Feeds have been fixed, uh, maybe? I don’t know if they were ever broken or not, but I’m just saying that to let you know if you’re into feed readers, you can subscribe to the RSS here. If anyone isn’t getting full feeds, email me.

Pajiba: Eli Roth blames piracy for Hostel II’s failure at the box office. Eli is starting to sound like a dick.
Bastardly: Kim Kardashian is a really short porn star. Well, how else would you spin her like a top?

Drunken Stepfather: Jessica Simpson goes to the gym looking nappy.

ASL: Brad Pitt’s mom visits Jennifer Aniston and people actually care.

HP: A trojan condom commercial is rejected. Metaphor too strong says Fox and CBS.

Egotastic: The Jessica Biel underwear scene from Good Luck Chuck.
Toxic Magazine: Britney Spears is not happy about the ads making fun of her.

Dlisted: Naomi Campbell shot a commercial for Dunkin’ Donuts.

HB: Geri whatshername wants her Spice Girls dress back.

CS: Josh Duhamel’s sorry pick-up line won Fergie over. In his defense, all you have to do is look at her to get to third base.

EB: Julia Roberts wasn’t the only one to have a baby yesterday.
JJ: Two more join the cast of next season’s Prison Break.

TFT: Sarah Silverman does Maxim Magazine. (Site NSFW)

College Humor: Even more 300 spoofs. This time with The Office.

Jossip: The Vatican issues the Ten Commandments for drivers. Jesus! I’m funny.

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