Color's Glamour Colored Gemstones


Color's Glamour Colored Gemstones
Color's Glamour Colored Gemstones

While diamonds remain as a gift that must come from a man to a woman, fine gemstone jewelry has a greater appeal to fashion conscious female self purchasers. Women are mostly looking for fashion forward and designer jewelry according to one jewelry business owner in NY. They are looking for jewelry they can wardrobe with different outfits. It seems like women are much more likely to buy colored gemstones for themselves than they are to buy diamonds. Colored gemstone jewelry seems to be even more prominent as fashion keeps a focus on accessories but continues to move away from the over the top diamond intensive bling jewelry that has dominated the industry in recent years. While ruby, sapphire and emerald are still te big three gemstones, semiprecious stones now constitute a mainstay of retail gemstone jewelry. According to another jewelry store owner in LA people are really ready for color. Gemstone designs over the past few years have become much more fashion forward as retailers look into exciting and fresh looks. Women don’t want to be too matchy-matchy anymore says one NYC jewelry designer. They might want a bold color, but then they want to wear another neutral gemstone like smoky quartz or champagne topaz with it. There is a lot of neutral, taupe, cream and white in fashion but accessory colors are purple, coral, blue, and yellow which are good for gemstone jewelry. Pieces that are especially fashion forward feature geometric designs and chunker gemstones in larger settings of yellow or rose gold.Coctail rings and bib shaped necklaces have all become increasingly popular styles of gemstone jewelry. Retailers also report that gemstone earrings, including studs, simple drops, embellished hoops and updated chandeliers have all caught cosumers’ attention this season. It is not enough anymore to have plain, round, gemstone beads or diamonds. Faceted gemstones have taken us to a whole new level. Colored gemstones are a lot more affordable than diamonds and jewelry with gemstones look more unique and different. They are sparkly and catch the eye. A people are becoming more fashion conscious they want to express themselfes and color is the way to do it. Gemstones are not the norm and thus they can set the wearer apart from the crowd.

Reference: National Jeweler, February Edition

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