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Christian Groups Plan anti Paris Hilton Celebration

By steph

Paris Hilton’s 45-day jail sentence is to be feted next month by a right-wing Christian group disgusted by the socialite’s role model status.

Hilton learned her fate earlier this month for driving with a suspended license and violating a probation order, and will begin her sentence on 5 June at a California correctional facility.

The strict sentence came as a shock to many in Hollywood but Mark Dice, founder of The Resistance, is jubilant the hotel heiress will be locked up.

He plans to mark the occasion by trashing her Cds and books at Hilton hotels around America, and urges young fans to join him.

He tells the New York Daily News, “We’re going to be throwing them in huge trash cans and getting them off the face of the Earth.

“The kinds of role models that have come to light recently in America are horrible role models.

“(Hilton is an) extremely materialistic, uneducated (person who) rose to prominence because of a homemade sex video. Now we have all these young, preteen and teenage girls who really look up to her.”

Dice has scheduled his protest at the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles on June 5, 2007.

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