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Kelly Clarkson Pressured to Lose Weight ...

By Jen

Studio and label reps think that Kelly Clarkson should lose some weight. I find that interesting considering the general public has accepted Kelly as is. Plus isn't 25 lbs a bit much on her small frame? I don't think shes gained that much! But a source close to Kelly is saying that the singer is starting to cave in on her weight “issue” and is trying to lose 25 pounds. She has become depressed over her size and wants to shape up before her summer tour.

Here is more:

“She feels pressure from her label, her handlers, and her friends to lose weight. She’s always moaning about how she can’t find a boyfriend and she blames this dry spell on her weight.”

Additionally, executives at Kelly’s label were not the happiest with the songs she wrote and produced herself. Kelly might feel better about herself if she tackled her body the way she approaches her career with consistent hard work.

“Sometimes she’s in the studio for 14 hours and the only food she eats is fast food,

potato chips, and candy bars.” Kelly drinks a lot of soda, and hates working out.

Those close to Kelly, say the real problem is her low self-esteem. “The way Kelly looks and feels now, Kelly isn’t going to let a man love her, [which is what she may need] to get off this negative merry-go-round.

Source: INO

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