Chloe's Summer 2007 'Maggie' in Brown and Ochre ...

We've all had a good chance to let all those Chloe ads touting the 'Maggie' and the 'Bay' as the new "It bags" sink in. (And weren't they all so right about the 'Bay'?) When the Chloe summer 2007 collection first came out, though,the 'Maggie' seemed most attractive in neutral colors since we were cautiously exiting winter, and perhaps we were a little put off by extremely bold purple/burgundy alternative.

But now we're at the cusp of summer! I admired the entire range of 'Maggies' at Nordstroms the other day, and the vibrant, rich colors of the brown and ochre 'Maggie' are so appropriate for beautiful sunny weather. As with all Chloe bags, pictures don't do it justice - in person, the 'Maggie' is luxuriously soft, a wee bit heavy (despite lacking all the Paddington hardware), and the leather smells so good! The big 'Maggie' (£1,455 from Browns Fashion) is cleverly divided into two compartments - one opens through the center zip, and one opens with the sturdy kiss clasp - which makes it feel twice as roomy. But round shape of the little 'Maggie (£820) also gives it an impressive amount of space. Its one of the few round duffles out there that successfully pulls off the slouchy pleat look while keeping its shape. And best of all, I think these colors would translate wonderfully past summer fashions and right into fall.

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