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By Beauty

Wow! Has it really been 4 days since you’ve heard from us?

We wish we could say we’ve been busy trying to figure out why the world’s conglomeration of comment spammers decided to bombard our measly little site and tear it to shreds with its insurance quotes and fake compliments or why all our text seems to be coming up BOLD for no reason at all… but the truth is? We’re slacking.

Slackers are us.

Must be all that sunshine we were exposed to over the weekend.

Anyway, we have much to tell you, starting with how we’re loving Liz Earle’s Hot Cloth Cleanser more and more each time we use it. We especially like how it smells (ever so faintly) of Noxzema. In a good way!

Or how we depleted our first born child’s college fund at the BECCA counter. (Don’t worry, she totally understands the importance of having a mother with good skin.) (Also, the importance of having a mother that shares her beauty products.)

For all of you that wondered if Proenza Pink is the right color for dark hair/dark eyes, WONDER NO MORE:

Our 14 year old in Proenza Pink and gobs of rocker-chick black eyeliner (in case you didn’t notice).

Update: Bree is wearing clear gloss over Proenza Pink at the recommendation of the girl at the Lanc

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