Where to Buy the Best Absinthe

Buy Absinthe Alcohol opened shop in 2002 by being a distributor for the famous & award winning French absinthe maker 'Rodniks'. It is well-managed by people who show that they have been in the business for a while and are knowledgeable about the drink.

Having been in the business for 5 years, the website, today, claims to offer the best absinthe brands available. It is a worthy business proposition considering the number of spurious brands flooding the market these days.

This website features some well known French and Swiss brands like the Lemercier, Versinthe, Pere Kermanns and Rodniks.

The management of the site claims that they do not add any coloring agent or additives to the drink, which is a good thing; in fact, because there are a number of sellers who do resort to such practices either bending to market pressures or do so in a bid to cash in on a craze. In contrast, Absinthe featured here come distillery-sealed.

Therein also lies a reason why the drink has earned itself a bad reputation amongst new patrons. Unsuspecting customers who buy absinthe from such places shy away from the drink owing to bad first experiences. Additives and coloring agents added to absinthe are now commonly held responsible for the unsavory experiences that people have with the drink.

In its pages, the site has spelled out its policy for selecting brands. First of all, it taps on award winners from various French and Swiss Wine contests to offer these as tried & tested quality brands. Then it checks on how the absinthe has been prepared and select those whose manner of preparation resemble the original Pontalier recipe of making absinthe. Lastly, it ascertains whether the artemesia herbs used in the preparation of the drink have been grown in known cultivations. Significantly, it avoids all brands from Eastern Europe in keeping with the general notoriety attached to these in the industry.

The website also features many interesting facts about the drink. It comes across as a good introduction to newcomers to the drink. It dispenses useful information about absinthe from the 'buy absinthe alcohol blog' linked through the site.

Brands here are more favorably priced than elsewhere as the site buys from suppliers at wholesale rates leaning on its position as bulk distributors to bars and pubs.

All in all, the site seems like a good place to try the drink if you are new to it or, if you are an old hand, to learn newer ways of enjoying it.

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