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Open Suggestion.

By Jennifer

December 14, 2007

Open Suggestion.
I propose mandatory purse hooks to be placed in all high-end hair & nail salons. (not “Purse Hooks” the portable hangers.)

It’s not rocket science. Their number one clientele are average to well-off women who most likely have expensive taste for designer handbags (that’s you guys). Do they honestly think we want to toss our bag on the ground like a piece of garbage while they snip away with hair bits flowing around, or even place our purse on the mini counter next to their scorching hot instruments? I don’t think so. And I’m not talking about the portable Purse Hooks that are already out in the market, I’m talking about the built-in under the counter ones. If you were to use the portable Purse Hook, chances are the hair stylist is going to bump it when she’s moving around. Besides, why would you want it out in the open and in easy target of getting dirty, burned, or sprayed with a hair product like hairspray? The purse hook should be attached to the back corner and out of sight. I guarantee you wont even be worrying or thinking about it. “Oh but what if I forget my designer purse?” Would you forget your baby, or your child? I didn’t think so.

See the images above to get a better image of what I’m talking about. The images are from the web… these are not the hair salons I go to.

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