Burberry's $22,00013,000 Bag

The newest IT bag, for those who can afford it, is the Burberry 'Alligator' Warrior bag.

This bag will retail at $22,000/£13,000 and I can't see why.

OK the alligator skin has a lot to do with it, but even if I had that kind of money to spend on this bag, I would not. Even a standard Birkin does not cost that much.

We should not be surprised at the growing retail price of bags, considering Chanel sold it's 'Forever' bag, - also cut from alligator skin and studded with 334 diamonds - for a staggering $261,000/£130,000.

And last year, we were all shocked when Louis Vuitton Tribute Patchwork bag, a creation that earned the nickname "Frankenstein's monster" in the fashion press, still retailed at $46,000/£23,000 and sold out.

All the bags sold out, but only Beyonce was photographed carrying it.

So who is buying these bag?

Well according to the Independent newspaper, Burberry's orders for this bag come mostly from the Middle East, Russia and Texas.

If you are interested in putting down 22K for this Burberry bag, you can pre-order it on Burberry's US Website.

Via Exclusive: Chanel Diamond Forever Classic ... & Via news.independent.co.uk


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