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Brad amp Angelina Took Secret Vows??

By popbytes

hey boys & girls! oh yes it's time for tabloids...unfortunately this week's **STAR** magazine is hot on the heels of a grieving angelina jolie claiming that her & brad pitt took 'secret vows' at an 'intimate ceremony' to grant her mother's dying we all know everyone always loves a juicy & scandalous cover but this one is done with poor taste & judgement - marcheline bertrand just died at the young age of 56 this past weekend! i'm quite sure her mom totally approved of brad (what mom wouldn't?!?) and wanted them to be together but to claim it was her dying wish is stretching things a bit...what does everyone else think? i'm a little sensitive to this situation...i had two good friends lose their mom this past year and you all know by now how much i adore ms. jolie (don't forget i play on both team aniston & jolie - i love both jen & angelina!)

angelina is for sure going through something i dread dealing with and i'm glad she has brad to lend his support during this tough thoughts & prayers are with the whole family! i wonder if she'll ever be able to make peace with her dad jon voight? the strained situation seems like a hopeless cause but trying to come to some kind of understanding with people who have wronged you (at least in my book) can be a good thing...who needs enemies or bottled up anger?!? it's best to get the issues out in the open - even if doesn't reach a resolution...

in other headlines we have eva longoria looking pregnant - even if she isn't now you know tony parker is going to put one in her oven super soon - the clock is ticking! then there's justin timberlake supposedly getting all serious with jessica biel who i don't know all that well but damn that girl has one hot body! (kinda masculine which is probably why i like it) and last but never ever least is my dear jen aniston with her new nose....and new man! i've got a really fun aniston post coming up...poor thing continues to be dragged through the tabloids but then again when you're not in them - that's a bad sign! popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!

PS look at brad's eye in the picture - it's a little freaky but angelina's mascara rocks!

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