Bill Gates CES Keynote

Bill Gates seems like a very nice man. We were just at his Keynote speech at CES. He looked right at me; I think he smiled at me too! Well, I was watching him on a giant screen as I was too far away from the stage, but I'm pretty sure he knew that, and looked at the camera at a certain angle on purpose. What a nice man. Not much else happened at his CES keynote other than that, although he did talk about some new Vista features. First up was the full motion desktop. Say goodbye to static desktop wallpaper, Vista allows you to make any video your desktop background. Impressive some say, distracting I say. Billy, then let us know about the introduction of Microsoft Auto software for new Ford cars. Insert obligatory crash joke here. Most exciting of all however, was a glimpse at what ideas come from Microsoft's research facility and their "connected home of the future." We got to watch BG learn to cook using an interactive kitchen worktop, and make a bedroom his own with a dedicated video wall. It was unfortunately then time to go; Bill waved at me, so I waved right back with a tear in my eye, sad that our moment was over.


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