Top 7 Beginner Tips for a Successful Hiking Trip


Top 7 Beginner Tips for a Successful Hiking Trip
Top 7 Beginner Tips for a Successful Hiking Trip

Hiking is a relaxing and fun way of experiencing the outdoor with your family and friends. When you go for a hiking trip, you will have a chance to explore places in nature where roads are not accessible.

If it is your first time hiking, you can feel discouraged by the idea. Perhaps you are concerned that you are not in a better position to hike. Or your worry is getting lost, and you will not be able to get your way back home.

Rest assured that there are hikes for beginners. Hiking is basically not a race to a finishing line. Rather it is one of the low-impact exercises, which is all about immersing yourself in nature’s beauty and enjoying the good company.

Plus, hiking has many health benefits, including stress reduction and weight management. So if you are ready to go for a hiking trip, the following are tips to ensure you have a successful one:

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Pick the Best Hiking Gear

One of the best things about going hiking is that done needs special gear. It is possible to get away with the gear you already have.

Let’s get started with clothing. These days, hiking wears are fairly fashionable. You don’t necessarily need to look like you’re going for a safari.

One mistake most beginners make is wearing regular clothes and jeans, which might get heavy. Consider dressing in wicking workout clothes that are designed for getting active. Long tights or pants will ensure your legs are not scraped up on the bushes. Long sleeve shirts will also suffice and protect you against different elements.

Shoes are vital too. A pair of Hoka One One hiking boots will be your best bet. If you have an old pair of trail runners or sneakers in the closet, it will be best not to carry them as they may cause blisters.


Start Early

You may use more time for various reasons if it is your first time going on a hiking trip. Perhaps you will take a lot of breaks and walk slower before working up on those lunge capacity and leg muscles. But the good news is that you may notice a great difference after going on several hiking trips.

As a beginner, you may also spend a lot of time navigating your trail as you get used to different terrains. This is something you can pick up faster than you know.

So ensure you consider starting early to ascertain that you rush back before it gets dark. You may not want to use a headlamp on the way back. Before it gets to that point, make sure you are comfortable in the outdoors by starting your trip early.


Keep It Short

Among the greatest mistakes many beginners make is overdoing hiking trips. It is understandable that you are very excited. Though this doesn’t necessarily mean that you choose a difficult hike. Rewarding hikes without substantial effort is the way for every beginner hiker.

Choose a hike close to the distance, which you are used to walking on a paved or level surface. It is advisable that you choose hikes that have lower mileage than your normal activities. But if you are not able to do a longer one, you might want to get started with the training early.


Choose Your Trail

Before you think of what to pack for the trip, you must decide where to go to. The best hiking trip for beginners, especially those wondering how to get started with the trip, is to take the time to choose the right trail.

Knowing your trial can help you gather helpful details about the upcoming hiking trips, and that includes distance, length, and difficulty. When choosing a trail for your hiking trip, be sure to also consider the following factors:


Carry the Right Amount of Water and Food

Water basically supports life. So it is one of the important things to carry on a hike. You will need the entire liter of water to drink after one or two hours of your trip. Buy one or two reusable water bottles and decorate with stickers from the adventures you’ve already had.

For just a day-hike, it would be best to carry high-energy foodstuffs, which don’t require heating or refrigeration. Common options include dried fruits, energy bars, trail mix, or jerky. You don’t have to overdo it. Just ensure there is enough food to fuel your body throughout the hiking trip. If you could, consider throwing in a granola bar for another healthy bite.


Go Along with a Navigation System

Knowing the trail where you will be hiking is crucial. And it becomes more vital if you get off the trail or get lost for any reason.

A navigation system doesn’t necessarily need to be a costly device. But it is important to have some resources in place to give you help whenever you get in a pinch.

It would be a great idea for beginners to consider downloading an offline map through Google Maps – it won’t cost you anything.

You need to take a picture of the trail map from your smartphone and print a copy of it so you can use it as a form of backup. If you know how to read or use a campus, carry it along.


Consider Checking the Weather

The weather might be unpredictable. That is why it is imperative to check the forecast always several days ahead of the hiking trip and some hours before.

Such details will enable you to dress and pack or change the plans if necessary. For instance, you can be forced to reschedule your hiking trip in case thunderstorms are in the weather forecast.

The Takeaway!

A day of hiking is an amazing way of spending a good time outdoors without any commitments. Hiking trips are not as involved as camping trips. However, they require some preparations to ensure your success. 

As long as you choose a good trail, pack the essentials, check the weather, and carry the right gear, your hiking trip will be just what a post-pandemic doctor ordered.

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