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Backstage at Chado Ralph Rucci ...

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The week's last hurrah was a glimpse backstage at Chado Ralph Rucci.

I was so excited to see that all the makeup being used on the models was from one of my favorites, NARS. Makeup artist Chrisanne Davis was wonderful, warm and friendly, and showed me all the colors she used, even testing some of them out on her hand to demonstrate!

The look was gorgeous and so very NARS in every way; check it out on Linda Vojtova (aka "Baby Gisele") at left. Here's the breakdown:

Eyes: **Black Moon** eyeliner pencil, "smudged out," said Davis, and kept in place with the black shade from the **Duo Eyeshadow** in Pandora (black and white).

Cheeks: Blush in **Torrid** (coral with shimmer)

Lips: Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in **Red Square**, an orangy red, dabbed on with no liner for a very "baby mouth" look, according to Davis. It was amazing how such a strong color could look so soft on the models; the amount used was just enough to suggest healthy, "bitten" lips.

Skin: "As bare as possible," she said. "People take good care of their skin these days, so why not flaunt it?" Indeed, this is an observation shared by many of my cohorts this week; even without makeup, today's crop of models seem to have amazing skin.

Hair by Bumble & Bumble was a tight updo with a braid; it defies description, so see the photo at left. (I was drawing it in my notebook before I remembered I had my camera with me to snap a pic.) Just gorgeous!

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