Apartment-Friendly Pets That Arent Cats Or Dogs ...


Apartment-Friendly Pets That Arent Cats Or Dogs ...
Apartment-Friendly Pets That Arent Cats Or Dogs ...

It’s safe to say that people love their pets. In fact, around 66% of American households have a pet, so for most people, a pet is a family member.

Pets help with loneliness and bring warmth and happiness, so it’s no surprise that around 78% of people with pets got another one during the early stages of the pandemic.

When most people think of pets, they imagine a cat or a dog, as these are the most popular pets in the county. About 65 million households have dogs, while about 46 million have cats.

But, while these are great animals, they aren’t the only species that make great companions. If you’re looking for a rental-friendly pet that’s not a cat or a dog, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are five pets to consider adding to your family.

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A Note About Pet Policies

The pets on this list were picked because they are well-suited to living in small spaces and are unlikely to cause problems for neighbors. However, while they might be good pets overall, you must check if they are allowed on your lease.

Some places are more welcoming of pets than others, and some cities and states also have restrictions based on breed or species. So, it’s better to make sure before you commit to an animal you can’t keep.

For example, your Houston property management company might allow small pets, while a NYC landlord can’t allow rats because it’s against the law.


Leopard Gecko (Or Other Small Lizard)

Small lizards make excellent pets as they are relatively low maintenance and don’t take up a lot of space. Leopard geckos are one of the most popular reptiles, as they are small and docile.

However, some other beginner lizards to consider include bearded dragons and crested geckos.

While these lizards are small, you still need to ensure you get them a big enough enclosure with adequate heat and lighting. Once you have everything set up, you’ll be surprised at how much personality these cute little creatures have!


Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs might be a bigger rodent than a mouse or rat, but they are easier to keep. While they need a big enclosure, their setups are fairly easy to figure out.

Guinea pigs are also very friendly and cuddly toward their owners once they get to know them, so if you’re looking for a cute critter, a guinea pig is a great alternative to a dog or cat.

Please remember that they do better in pairs, so you’ll likely need to get them a friend!



Fish are perhaps one of the most apartment-friendly pets around. They don’t make noise, and they don't really escape. So, they are unlikely to bother your neighbors or your landlord.

The main thing you need to be aware of when having fish is that they need larger tanks than many people realize. Even one small betta fish needs at least a five-gallon tank. You’ll also need to learn how to keep the water balanced and healthy for whatever fish you get.



Birds are intelligent pets full of personality, but some can be pretty loud. However, if your rental company doesn’t care if you have birds, parakeets are an excellent choice.

While they are rather “talkative” and can even learn some human words, they aren’t very loud, as they can’t screech like a large bird.

They are also beautiful to look at and fun to interact with!


Cornsnake (Or Other Small Snake Species)

Last but not least is the corn snake or another small snake species. While many people are uneasy around snakes, they can make lovely pets. Large snake species have their place, but they need big enclosures. Many places have size restrictions on snakes.

So, a smaller species like a corn snake is a good option. They come in many colors and patterns and are considered the best beginner snakes because of their calm personalities.

As a final note, remember that picking the right pet is a personal decision. You know your lifestyle, budget, and space best. Make sure you research before getting a pet to ensure you can give it a good life.

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