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By steph

******** Paris Hilton’s Prison Playlist & Mugshot ********
Time will be draggin’ on for Paris Hilton while she’s in lockdown, so we’ve created a prison playlist to help rehabilitate the cell-block celebutante. With our aid, she could leave the pokey with a new, law-abiding attitude. Listen up, P! But the million-dollar jail-babe isn’t the first celeb to get her hand slapped by the boys in blue. Truth be told, she’s in pretty rockin’ company. Check out her mugshot & all the mugshots of other music celebs too!

Paris Hilton Mugshot and Prison Playlist on AOL Music

******** 77 Most Unforgettable Movie Songs ********
With summer movie blockbusters releasing left and right, we couldn’t help but think about movies and the most memorable moments set to the most perfect soundtrack. Check out what we call the 77 Most Unforgettable Movie Songs… what movie tune is #1?

77 Most Unforgettable Movie Songs on AOL Music

******** AIM Interview with Cartel….from the bubble! ********
The band Cartel is making their new CD inside a bubble. This AIM interview explains why.

Cartel AIM Interview on AOL Music

******** LIVE Concert with O.A.R. ********
Jam bander band, O.A.R. plays to a sold-out crowd at NYC’s Madison Square Garden.

O.A.R. Live Concert on AOL Music

******** Full CD Listening Parties ********

T-Pain, ‘Epiphany’

Big & Rich, ‘Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace’

Marilyn Manson, ‘Eat Me, Drink Me’

Paul McCartney, ‘Memory Almost Full’

Chris Cornell, ‘Carry On’

Cowboy Troy, ‘Black in the Saddle’

(Thank You To Our Good Friends At AOL Music& Spinner For The GREAT MUSIC)

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