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Angelina Jolie Suffering from 'Deadly Disease' ...

By Gayla

Could it be true?

According to The National Enquirer, **Angelina Jolie has a potentially fatal serious health** problem that has made the actress look emaciated and exhausted, which they’re claiming she did at a recent charity news conference to try and push the US to spend more on the plight of orphans worldwide. The newest copy of the paper alleges that at the conference, Angelina Jolie was clearly shaking uncontrollably and that the star of Mr. and Mrs. Smith and partner of Brad Pitt is losing her hair. They also report that Angelina Jolie is suffering from blinding headaches.

As the mother of twins and stepmom to two - I have to say that the National Enquirer should try spending a month with four little ones and see just how tired and exhausted they look!

photos via **pittwatch**

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