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Americas Next Top Model 9.08 the Girls Who Crawl Recap

By Leora

Here’s a recap of America’s Next Top Model Episode 9.8:

The Girls Who Crawl:
The girls are sitting around talking about their flaws and picking each other apart. Bianca complains that Heather’s face makes her not have to work hard.

Tyra mail says: This is why I’m hot and this is why I’m not…Bianca thinks it’s going to be a dance off. When the girls get up there are leotards for all of them to put on. Tyra shows up looking fierce in a leotard and tells them that she’s going to teach them how to move sexy.

First she teaches them a sexy runway walk. Then she teaches them how to be sweet and coy. When they learned the wall slide Lisa couldn’t push up because her leg muscles aren’t strong enough. Then they learned how to crawl sexily.

Sarah’s struggling with her weight. All the girls are tiny and still complain about being fat…

Tyra mail says Musicians love models, do you have what it takes to share the spotlight.

They head to a theatre to meet with Jesse Terrero the director of famous music videos. He tells them that they’re going to be in a major music star’s video. He didn’t tell them who the artist was. They go get their makeup done when Enrique Iglesias shows up. The girls are swoon over him. He looks at the girls to try to choose which girl will be featured.

Jesse comes to tell them who’s going to be the girl who’s featured. They chose Lisa and decided to also feature Heather.

They film the video and Heather passes out. The medics had to give her a breathing mask and some food.

The girls get home at 3 am and get Tyra mail saying the next day they’re going to be meeting with the judges.

Lisa: All the judges love her performance. She nailed it.

Ambreal: Tyra thinks she looked hootchie sliding down the pole. Jesse disagrees and says he thought she did a good job.

Saleisha: Tyra thought she did a great job. Devilish

Sarah: Tyra devilish, Nigel says she looks great but she looks like she’s feeling awkward about her appearance. They all mention that they think she’s lost weight

Heather: Heather looked fierce

Jenah: seemed like she was still rehearsing…

Chantal: Tyra and Jesse felt like she was holding back.

Bianca: Nigel comments about all her kissing at the camera. She wasn’t being fluid says Tyra.

Lisa, Heather, Saleisha, Bianca, Ambreal, Jenah. This is the order in which the girls were called.

Chantal and Sarah are in the bottom two. Sarah goes home.

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