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Shop for a Good Cause and Help Make the World More Glamorous

By steph

I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday Weekend and are getting ready for the Holidays!., a wonderful organization that helps many charity projects in several Third World Countries has asked me to get the word out about this special opportunity for the Holiday Season. Please read below and do all you can to contribute. It is a worthy cause!

Come celebrate the season by shopping for those you love while making a positive global impact with every purchase.

On Saturday December 1 and Sunday December 2, 50% of all proceeds from www.worldofgood.comwill fund health and education projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

At you can find beautiful jewelry, scarves, bags, small gifts and accessories that not only empower the producer but also help build community. From our 2006 fundraiser we were able to provide medical equipment to a lab in India, build a fresh water system in Guatemala and build a computer lab in South Africa! works with 142 artisan cooperatives in 34 countries to help women gain access to the US consumer market so they can build a sustainable life and their children can thrive. Every single product at www.worldofgood.comis fair trade which means that the person who made it was paid a fair wage and treated with dignity.

You can learn more about the fundraiser at:

Thank you for helping us spread the word and remember to shop on Saturday and Sunday.

Thank you so much and Happy Holidays!

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