Project Runway is Back


Project Runway is Back
Project Runway is Back

Hallelujah! I don’t like PR hiatuses (or is that hiati?). This was a fun episode, about making clothes out of candy wrappers. I didn’t have any chocolate by my side, so I am left with a craving for that great invention by that Reese’s guy. Yum.

So bye bye to the last Texan in the group - not a big surprise, her time was coming. I wish we could have seen what the judges said after she walked off the runway at the end. I bet it was a hoot. :) Can I officially say I would be happy if I never saw another bolero jacket in my entire life? I hated those things when they were in style in the past, and I hate them now. Sweet P - I’m sorry to say cause I think you’re a doll - your time is coming. I think the judges are thinking Victoria is another Chloe Dao, but, no. It’s her time too.

Rami for the win. Have I mentioned he is sexy? ;)

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