Poppie Couture for Spring!

Poppie Couture has an array of eye popping candy colored clutches for Spring that are way too yummy to pass up. Priced at $450 a piece, they won't put much of a dent in your budget so you can splurge on the darling little white dresses from Fendi, Dior or Derek Lam. This has been a very long and dreary Winter and I am so ready for bright fun colors again! My bag wardrobe has everything from a cheery yellow Smythson ostrich bag to a bright blue Hermes birkin (and an orange ostrich birkin on the way, I was in desperate need of sunshine so I treated myself!) but I am missing a hot pink clutch for the many beach parties I plan on attending this summer(with a wide brimmed hat and lots of sunscreen of course). The foldover clutches are easy to pack and easy to use, it's the grab and go anywhere/do anything fun bag! Poppie Couture has long been a favorite of Hollywood actresses including Naomi Watts, Jennifer Aniston (who scooped up 10 to give as Christmas gifts!) and Faith Hill and now she's taking over the Big Apple with a sold out collection at Bergdorf Goodman! Go to her website for more colors and leathersor check Bergdorf's for the latest shipments.

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