A New Hair Style


A New Hair Style
A New Hair Style

I am crazy in love with this haircut - this is from the most recent Pantene ads - I took it late last week and went a little bit shorter for me, and then last night I cut my daughters hair the same way. How cool is it that my almost-a-teenager daughter wants the same haircut as her mom? Tick tock - how much longer will this last? I get so tired of just having “long hair” and crave a style - so now I have one. I need to look back in my archives, I think I am sort of seeing a seasonal pattern here…

Anyway, I have been using some new styling products from Cibu to manage this haircut. If you remember, Cibu International is the maker of my favorite every day hairspray (Pho Finish) - and really I haven’t tried anything from them that I haven’t just loved. They have a couple of new styling products that give you this chunky, shiny look perfectly. Origumi is a paste that adds shine and texture to your style, and Sashini is a thermal shine product for use with all heat styling tools. I don’t have to use heat styling with this haircut, but its always nice to give it a blow dry for volume and a quick flip of the ends with an iron - if I’m not feeling too lazy, that is.

How about you - do you all crave *a* style sometimes, or am I just an oddball (might be…lol)?

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