DVD Player on Sale at Asda


The Tech Digest boys have done it again. While I'm loath to link to two of their stories in the same day, I couldn't pass on either the g33k loo or the £9 DVD player from Asda, so you'll just have to cope.

And yes, you did read that right. A DVD player for less than it costs me to buy two packs of (admittedly expensive) fags.

The player, which is available in Asda stores but not online - for now, anyway - is called the Durabrand 1005, and is made in China for Asda's parent company, WalMart. Ethicists need not worry about underpaid children being forced to make DVD players for weeks without a break, as the factory where the 1005 is produced has been audited for salaries and working conditions four times in the last four years. Of course, ethicists may have other qualms about buying from WalMart, but that's more a story for Hippy Shopper than Shiny Shiny.

In terms of specs, there's not really much to say - it costs less than a tenner, and that's its major selling point. However, it will also play audio CDs and MP3 audio CDs, and its size makes it highly portable. It's silver, which is a welcome change from pink on this blog...

Despite this bounty of DVD-playing goodness, however, I think I'm going to save my pennies until 23 March and put that £9 towards a PS3.

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