8 Weirdest Sports from around the World ...


There are so many strange sports that it’s hard to choose just 8 to mention. However, I did choose the 8 weirdest sports from around the world that I could find. Feel free to let me know about others you’ve come across. I know there are tons more that are offered by little towns in remote villages and such. It’s just so difficult to find them all!

8. Octopush

And you thought Water Polo was difficult! Underwater hockey involves lots of kicking with flippered feet to stay underwater, as opposed to treading to stay above water. A good set of lungs is also required in order to hold your breath long enough to try and push the puck to the goal. The rules are similar to those in hockey. This non-contact sport is played in South Africa, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, and the UK.

Trampoline Volleyball
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