8 Tips to Fight a Cold ...

It is cold, humid, unpleasant, in winter everybody spends more time inside their houses. But going through the different temperatures weakens our immune system. Then there is only one solution, fight the disease with a good program…

8. Strengthening the Body

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Good sauna practice makes our cells get used to temperature changes .For example people from Finland never get a flu because, since their childhood they are taught to make alternating cold and hot baths. Making sauna once a week at maximum eighty degrees Celsius trains blood vessels to face the high thermal changes. People with heart problems have to ask the medic’s opinion before. As a different option: Scottish showers hot and cold made daily.

7. Sleeping Sufficient

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In winter our bodies need more energy than usual, for this we have to rest enough. Seven-eight hours sleep is good and maybe a nap in the afternoon. Our immune system is fighting double than normal in the cold season and it needs more time for recovery.

6. Eating Well

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A good food supply rich in vitamins is the best guard against cold. Don’t miss apples and oranges also fresh vegetables is a must and don’t forget about minerals.

5. Being Active

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Sports improve blood circulation. One hour of walking rapidly has the same results as a half hour of jogging. It must be practiced three times a week, it’s good against fat deposits and releases happiness hormones.

4. Dressing Warm

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If you stay outside you lose body resistance. It’s better to wear a few clothes that one big sweater because you take of some of them relating to the temperature and this way chances to get sick are low. The most sensitive parts are the feet and the head because the heat is lost through these.

3. Breathing Fresh Air

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This is hard in big cities where there is much pollution and our nose cannot filter the gasses and the bacteria together. It is recommended to use nose spray.

2. Drinking Many Liquids

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It is good to drink as many as we can even in winter but not with sugar or alcohol, only tea and natural juice and water.

1. Forgetting about Stress

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A spirit full of suffering weakens the body. Be positive every day, enjoy yourself with only pleasant things, go shopping and get out with your friends at a warm coup of tea and relax, talk about childhood adventures and memories.

And in the end, here are a few secondary tips for fighting a cold: open your windows to receive fresh air, viruses love closed environments, avoid overheating your home and put glasses of water in the rooms to keep air humidity at a good level, for running noses use only paper tissues and throw them after they are used. And always consume bee and plant products like honey and pollen, they protect all sensitive areas like nose, mouth, neck and ears. The best is to prevent than to treat so why don’t we take care of ourselves?

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