8 Tips on Bathing Your Feline ...


Anyone who has bathed a cat knows how much of a hassle and a hazard this task can be. Cats don’t respond in quite the same way that dogs do when they are told a basic command, such as sit, stay, or stop. Thankfully giving your cat a bath isn’t something that is usually carried out regularly. Here are 8 tips on bathing your feline, in case you find yourself needing to wash a less than clean cat.

8. Have Everything Ready before You Begin

This tip should be common sense, but I’ll add it to the list anyway. Who wants to flounder about trying to find the shampoo with a wet and angry cat in hand? Make sure the shampoo, towels, brush, and anything else you will need to bathe your cat are all right where you can easily reach them.

Use the Proper Shampoo
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