8 Pieces of Expert Advice about Life ...


Life is such a crazy thing, you know? Living day to day, never knowing what the next hour holds...living through joys and pains...smiles and tears. Questions race through our heads when things go wrong - "Why me? Why now?" We lay in the grass staring at the clouds wondering what we should do next, wondering what road we should take. Though I'm not considered "old and wise" yet, I have a few tips about life I'd like to share with you...things I've learned about life.

1. "when the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going."

Joseph Kennedy (Father of our own President John F. Kennedy) and Knute Rockne said a mouthful when they uttered these words. Difficulties and hard times in our life are not always put there as a way to hurt us, but rather to strengthen us, by working harder to make things right or put things back together. Though I realize some of you may not believe in God, I do. I believe that He sends trials and hardships in our lives to make us better people. Though it hurts while it's happening, we're better in the long run - basically the same as a good vaccination. Yes, that needles hurts, the vaccine stings, but our immune system is strengthened, and we are made better by it.

“Intellectual Growth Should Commence at Birth and Cease Only at Death.”
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