7 Tips on Talking to Your Teen about Sex ...


The dreaded sex talk. Where to start? Some parents don’t have any problem whatsoever with talking to their teens about sex, which makes this task much easier. It can be difficult to know how young a kid should be when you mention the basics of sex. What some parents might deem to be too young, others might think it’s too old. You don’t want to wait until your child has already been informed by someone else about sex. If you are wondering how to go about having this type of discussion, then you might be able to use the following 7 tips on talking to your teen about sex.

7. Be Open to Questions

Kids are bound to have questions about sex, no matter what age they are. You can try to prepare yourself by thinking in advance how you will handle certain questions. If you have another adult that is helping with this sex talk, then maybe the two of you could tag-team on some questions. The other adult might be able to answer certain questions better or easier than you can. It also helps if the other person involved in the discussion is of the opposite sex, in order to get input from both sexes.

Just Provide the Basics
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