7 Tips for Highschool Athletes ...


7 Tips for Highschool Athletes ...
7 Tips for Highschool Athletes ...

I played sports in high school; track, volleyball, softball, and basketball. I had a blast and would recommend trying out for sports to anyone who enjoys being part of a team. High school sports created great camaraderie between students. I can recall a few tips adults gave me when I played sports in school and some things I had to learn on my own. Here are 7 tips for highschool athletes.

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Don't Let Your Grades Fall behind

I know most schools have started making it mandatory that athletes maintain at least a C average in order to continue to play sports. I had a few friends in high school that had a very difficult time keeping a C average in all of their classes because they spent all of their free time playing sports. Most star athletes go on to college right out of high school and it is here that they are discovered and signed on by larger sports organizations. Keeping up your grades will increase your chances of getting into the college you want.


Support Your Teammates

Whether you play a team sport or partake in a sport where you competing on your own, such as in many track events, it's good sportsmanship to cheer on your teammates. Give them the support you would like to have. Show them you care about their success and about them as well. Being supportive of your teammates shows that you are a good sport and that you know what it means to be a team.


Watch Other Athletes during Competitions

Keeping an eye on the way individuals move on the field will clue you in to what you will be up against when you have to be on the same playing field. For instance, a basketball coach might have you watch a particular player's offense because you will be going in soon to play defense against this same player. Knowing what is in store for you will help you to be better prepared once you come face to face with opposing players.


Get Your Rest

Being tired during your big sporting event is never a good thing. Your coordination is all off, balance is much harder to maintain, reaction time is going to be slower, and being able to think quickly is also not going to happen. Make sure you have plenty of rest before the big game


It's Alright to Be a Kid

I remember high school students that took sports way too seriously. I'm all for making sure to attend every practice, staying in shape, and doing my best, but there comes a time when you just have to be a kid. There is plenty of time to grow up and wearing yourself down to be an all-star athlete in high school causes you to miss out on quite a large number of events in life. It's good to slow down and be a kid from time to time.


Don't Forget to Spend Some Time Socializing with Friends

Dumping your friends for a girl or a guy isn't cool, so why would dumping them for sports be alright? Becoming so wound up in athletics that you forget your friends is never a good idea. Sure, it's much easier when your friends are also involved in the same sports, but it isn't always possible. My best friend in high school wasn't in sports, she was in drama. Somehow we still managed to make time for one another. I can't imagine going through high school and ditching my best friend for volleyball.


Eat Right

Many top athletes know that eating the right foods, the proper portions of food, and eating regular meals are all important aspects of maintaining a healthy body. In high school, the bus ride home from a game usually calls for a quick dinner at a fast food restaurant. This isn't a bad thing when it is only an occasional occurrence. Try to eat lots of fruits and veggies and stay away from fatty fast food meals.

These 7 tips for highschool athletes might seem like common sense for some people, but I can remember quite a few athletes from high school that didn't follow most of these tips. What are some tips that you can offer to high school athletes?

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Have sporting spirit up.

I sure could learn from some of these tips.

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