7 Tips for Getting to Sleep More Quickly ...


So, I have this problem. Typically, it takes me forever to get to sleep. If I don't take pains to make sure I get to sleep fast, I can lay in bed for up to an hour, trying to slip into my little dreamy-dreams and utterly failing. Some people have a type of insomnia, slow-sleep insomnia, that can cause this problem, while others simply have trouble getting to sleep in the average amount of time. I mean, it's supposed to take 5-10 minutes to get to sleep on the average. If it takes you longer, maybe one or more of these 7 tips for getting to sleep more quickly will help you.

1. Watch the Caffeine

Limiting your caffeine intake during the day can really help you at night. If you simply can't give it up, then try switching to decaf a few hours before you go to bed. Typically, doing it after five or six o'clock is your best bet.

Set a Routine
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