7 Signs You're Co-Dependent ...


Co-dependency is a term that’s thrown about a lot but it’s also one that a lot of us don’t fully understand. The simplest way to explain what it means is as an addiction to feeling needed. Girls, we all like to feel we’re important to the people in our lives, but co-dependency goes a lot further than that – in fact it’s at the root of many dysfunctional relationships. Personalities are co-dependent to varying degrees. The condition can manifest simply as a desire to play ‘Miss Fix-it’ in the lives of all your friends or it can be far more serious and cause people to enable the problems of others just so they continue to feel needed. Here’s a list of seven classic symptoms of co-dependency; if you think you have a few of them yourselves, ladies, it might be time to pay that urge to be needed a little more attention

1. Compulsive Caretaking

Co-dependent personalities have a tendency to engage in behaviour that, from the outside, seems motherly. They tend to look after their partners in a way that is sometimes called stifling or smothering, and they constantly put themselves in the position of the shoulder to cry on with their friends. Now girls, there’s nothing wrong with treating the people in your life to a little TLC, but when taking on the role of care taker begins to affect your relationships in a bad way, you might want to reconsider your behaviour.

Rejection Complex
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