7 Great Scrapbooking Stickers ...

I’ve been keeping and updating a scrapbook for my youngest daughter, Sophie, since she was born, and every year for Christmas, I add a few new pages to cover the things we’ve done together, and the important milestones and events of the past year. This year, so much has happened, and I can’t wait to get her pages together! I’ve been searching out unique, interesting stickers to use on her pages, and I’ve seen so many fantastic sets! Here are just a few of them, a list of just 7 great scrapbooking stickers!

1. A Touch of Jolee's Disney Dimensional Stickers - Alice in Wonderland

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Price: $1.39 at joann.com
The popularity of Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland” also made us want to go back and watch the Disney version… and my daughter loves it! So of course, we’ll have to do a page featuring her at DisneyLand with the Cheshire Cat… and we’ll use these stickers, which feature all of our favorite characters!

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