7 DIY Wedding Favors ...

When it comes to your wedding, you only want the best, right? Right! And that’s exactly what you deserve! But there are a few areas where you can figure out a way to get what you want, and still save money. How? By Doing-It-Yourself. Pretty nifty huh? Here are 7 DIY wedding favors that will leave your guests ooh-ing and aah-ing!

1. Cookies

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Photo Credit: sugarsugargal

The most sure-fire way to make sure your wedding favor doesn’t end up in the trash or collecting dust on a shelf somewhere is to make it edible! Find a yummy cookie recipe, enlist the help of bridesmaids or family members and start frosting! You can put the cookies in clear cellophane bags and tie them with ribbons in your wedding colors. How sweet!

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