8 Ways to Gain Weight ...


So many articles, programs, exercise videos and books about the weight loss can makes us forget one really important thing – not everybody wants to lose weight, so it's important to focus on the ways to gain weight as well.2

In fact, I’m sure the number of people who want to gain weight is quite large.

Some would say most of those people are guys who are trying to pack some serious muscles and finally look like their favorite action heroes but, I’d have to disagree.2

My sister is living proof, as she has been trying to gain some weight for years now.

Well, in case this sounds like you – here are 8 ways to gain weight.

1. Exercise

Exercise and increased calorie intake are one of the best ways to gain weight but I don’t need to tell you that – do I?

Unfortunately, not everything works for everybody and I must point out that this especially goes for guys and their efforts to go from Woody Allen to Vin Diesel in just a couple of short months.

Exercise does have its benefits, that’s for sure, so instead of overdoing the junk food hoping that’s all it takes to put some meat on those bones, opt for definition that will give you curves in all the right places.

Exercise plans needed to gain weight and muscle mass differ from the ones people use when they want to lose weight so, if you will be paying for the gym, do yourself a favor and make sure to choose the one with fitness trainers (and/or consultants).

And now, let’s focus on the food…

Focus on Healthy Fats
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