8 Tips on Remembering People's Names ...


I’m absolutely horrible at recalling a person’s name, even if I just heard it a couple of seconds ago.

I find using one or more of the following 8 tips on remember people’s names helps immensely.

I can remember numbers without any difficulty at all, but unfortunately, I don’t often meet people who are named after numbers!

8. Obtain a Business Card or Other Item with the Person’s Name on It

Not everyone carries around a business card or personalized stationary with their name on it.

If I encounter a person whom I wish to keep in mind for business purposes, then I always get a personal business card or have the person write his/her name down on the back of a company business card.

This gives me something to remember this helpful person’s name by, as well as a card to put on file when I get home.

7. Pay Close Attention when the Name is Said

Look right at the person you are being introduced to or are meeting for the first time.

I sometimes have to focus intently on a person as introductions are being made or I don’t realize I’ve been given a name at all.

If I glance away for a second, the name escapes my mind.2

Make good eye contact and listen as the person’s name is being said, whether you are receiving this information directly from the new person you are meeting or getting it from a friend who is performing the introduction.

6. Make up a Rhyme to Go with the New Name

The rhyme doesn’t need to have anything to do with the person all, but it helps if it does.

For instance;

you meet a guy named Dan and think ‘Dan drives a tan van’.

Dan might actually drive a blue Volvo, but you might be able to remember his name better with the silly rhyme you made up.

Spell the Name in Your Mind when You Hear It the First Time
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