7 Steps to Mending a Relationship after an Affair ...


Living happily with your spouse is a task as it is without the complication of parallel affairs.

Was it a simple slip-up or a plunge taken knowingly?

Either way, the betrayal of a spouse cheating on you is painful and can shake your reality severely.2

But even in the worst hour, you need to hang on to some hope and begin the process of healing.

There’s only so much time that you can spend crying over spilt milk.

Here are 7 steps to mending a relationship after an affair.

The hardest part is taking the first step.

Once you do, you’ll find things falling into place over a period of time.

For the one who cheated …

1. Apologize Unconditionally

If you are trying to mend an affair after a relationship, it is of prime importance to apologize without conditions, excuses, and reasons.

An ’I am sorry’ that comes loaded with ‘buts’ will only make your partner angrier.

You don’t want that, do you?

You were responsible for the damage done, take full responsibility for it and be committed to mending it.

Be an Open Book
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