Officina Serif


I love fonts.

I'm considering a little regular feature here...2

something about fonts...

maybe with a page of set fonts.

And links for y'all on where to find the fonts.Okay.

Let me call them typefaces.

Just this once.Typefaces.

I love typefaces.

I'm considering...

oh nevermind.

You get it.Here's one of my favorites...

I use it a lot for manuscripts, because it isn't courier, but it has a nicely readable manuscript quality.

Officina Serif.

Take a look.ITC Officina Serif VolumeWhen ITC Officina was first released in 1990~ as a paired family of serif and sans serif faces in two weights with italics~ it was intended as a workhorse typeface for business correspondence.

But the typeface proved popular in many more areas than correspondence.2

Erik Spiekermann~ Officina's designer and the founder of MetaDesign in Berlin~ says~ Β“Once Officina got picked up by the trendsetters to denote 'coolness'~ it had lost its innocence.

No pretending anymore that it only needed two weights for office correspondence.

As a face used in magazines and advertising~ it needed proper headline weights and one more weight in between the original Book and Bold.Β” To add the new weights and small caps~ Spiekermann collaborated with Ole Schaefer~ director of typography and type design at MetaDesign.

The extended ITC Officina family now includes Medium~ Extra Bold~ and Black weights with matching italics-all in both Sans and Serif-as well as new small caps fonts for the original Book and Bold weights.Tags: font | officina | officinaserif | typeface.3


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