Is Britney Spears' Sister Jamie Lynn Pregnant?!?


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the new national enquirer is posted below - and my eyes went straight away to the top which claims britney spears' little sister jamie lynn has a pregnancy bombshell to drop!

oh my gosh could she be following in the footsteps of her super messy older sister?!?

(although as someone pointed out - britney wasn't 16 plus she was married...but you get my point - it all just seems like another big trainwreck about to roll through) this is the last thing poor mom lynne spears needs - more drama!

britney hasn't exactly been the best role model going for her sister - i'd be shocked if the 16 yr old is pregnant - that would be a total scandal!

i want to get my hands on this issue - they were right about nicole richie being pregnant - they could be spot on again!

the main story isn't as juicy as the one on top - we've got stars' ex-lovers tell-all with bits about katie holmes, angelina jolie, and heather locklear (the violence, the boozing &

non-stop partying must have something to do with richie sambora!) at the bottom there's a story on freaky plastic surgery using priscilla presley &

barry manilow as examples - both who have total tight face!2

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