8 Famous Urban Legends …


We all love urban legends.

Even though we know that most of them are completely fabricated and others are terribly distorted versions of the truth, we love to be scared out of wits.

Here are 8 famous urban legends.

1. The Babysitter and the Man Upstairs

This is one of the famous urban legends that have scared babysitters for decades.2

The babysitter gets repeated phone calls urging her to go check on the children who she knows are already asleep.

It turns out that the calls were coming from inside the house and that a murderer has been waiting in the children’s bedroom waiting to kill her.

2. The Hanging Boyfriend

A couple is in the woods getting intimate.

The boyfriend gets out to relieve himself and does not return.

Instead there is a scrapping sound which scares the girlfriend.

When she tries to drive off, she hears a muffled scream and in the headlights of the car she can see her boyfriend hanging from a tree.3

Her pulling away has caused him to die.

3. The Clown Statue

A babysitter has been asked by the parents to stay in one particular room, but she finds the clown statue unnerving.

So, she calls the parents and asks if she can change the room.

They urge her to take the kids and run to the neighbors.

Apparently, they have no clown statue.

4. Buried Alive

A man insists that his wife is not dead, even after the medical practitioner has pronounced her to be.

He eventually gets her exhumed to find that nails bent back and bloody scratch marks on the inside of the coffin’s lid.

5. Aren’t You Glad You Didn’t Turn the Lights on

This is another of the famous urban legends that have stood the test of time.

A girl returns to her room and hears some muffled sounds.

She assumes her roommate is probably making out and doesn’t turn the light on.

In the morning, she finds the dead body of her roommate with the note- ‘Aren’t you glad you didn’t turn the lights on?’

Killer in the Backseat
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