Choose Your Shade and WIN!


If you believe beauty is art, and that your cosmetics shouldn't be the same as everyone else's — right off the shelf — then you're not alone.

Mojo Cosmetics created their unique brand of beauty just for you, from the ground up, from the organic formulas to the sleek, made-to-be-reused packaging.

And if you tell us which of their botanical, pro-grade hues you prefer, you could win them!

Here's how it works: take one TITAN case, made of sturdy, sexy yag laser etched aircraft alloy (aluminum, titanium, magnesium, manganese, and 306 stainless steel).

Choose from slightly girl-ified alloy pink or titanium grey.

Fill with a BULLET of your favorite shade Mojo lipstick or concealer, use, then re-use!

The lipstick and concealer themselves are professional grade, made with organic botanicals, completely lush, never tested on animals.

For the lipstick, I'm coveting the "Pinup" shade, a soft, pretty pink.

For the concealer, I think the "Medium Matte Finish" matches my skin tone best.

I adore the catalog, too, BTW, and so will you...

But, my dear, the contest is for you, not me!

So take a peek at the Mojo site, soak up some style, browse the colors, and tell me which hues you would choose!

We'll randomly select one lucky lady to receive a TITAN case with a BULLET lipstick and concealer refill ...

could it be you?

Let me know down below!

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