7 Weird and Wonderful Beauty Treatments ...


We go to great lengths to defy age and prolong beauty, and we subject our body and skin to all sorts of things to keep it looking tip top.

We might also need our spiritual health looking after, so visiting a spa or beauty salon is not alien to most of us I reckon, but just how many of this list would you try?

Here are 7 weird and wonderful beauty treatments...2

1. Skin-eating Fish

Skin-eating Fish

These are very in right now in the UK.

Little fish (garra rufa) are cropping up in pools in salons everywhere.

You stick your feet in and the fish nibble at dead skin cells.

Some spas in the Far East are also now doing full immersion pools where the fishies can get at your whole body.

The fish reputedly excrete an enzyme that may help with skin problems like acne.

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