65 Fast Ways to Lose Weight ...

The very idea that there are actually fast ways to lose weight probably calls up horrifying images of things like master cleanses, cayenne infused lemonade, endless hours on the elliptical, and liposuction.

Relax, calm down, and rejoice, because all of those #things are kind of lame and they have absolutely no place here. See, here's what you may not know: it's entirely possible to lose weight quickly without doing anything too extreme, and you can still do it in a healthy, long-lasting way.

It's true that to maintain your weight over #time, you need to do it at a steady pace that doesn't tax your system, but every journey starts somewhere.

Your first few weeks of losing weight will likely go more quickly, because you're in the process of really jump starting your metabolism. The great part is that if you #look into fast ways to lose weight, you're not as likely to reach one of those painful plateaus that ruins your week and leaves you running for the ice cream and the chick-flick category on Netflix. It's going to take hard work and dedication, but that's true of anything worthwhile, right?

You're #beautiful, determined, motivated, and strong, though – you can do this! In fact, we'll all do it together, because motivation is another key aspect of dropping pounds fast. Are you ready?

1. Make Your Own Meal

Cooking is not your strongest skill? Fear not! With as little as home-made salads, sandwiches and shakes you can lose all that extra #weight! Keep it simple and healthy. You'll probably save some #money too!


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